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發育.不良 Undernourished?

Director:  Kevin Chu / JDUY Chu

Scriptwriter: JUDY Chu

Genre:  Drama



Summer grows up in a family very different from others. Her

parents lost their eyesight when they were kids. But they are

both optimistic and hold a positive view towards life. Born in

a seemingly handicapped yet mentally healthy family, Summer

is able to view the world with a unique perspective.

When compared to those kids who are spoiled or overlooked,

whose mentality is actually undernourished?







Farewell the  Good Old Days

Director:  Kevin Chu / JDUY Chu

Scriptwriter: JUDY Chu

Genre:  Drama



婚姻正面臨危機的Tracy獨自從香港跑到澳門為太婆奔喪。太婆舊居內,面對人去樓空,Tracy彷似回到中學畢業那年, 與太婆在澳門共渡整整一個暑假;與表哥騎著電單車暢遊大街小巷,品嘗豬扒飽、葡撻… 正陶醉往日情懷之際,先是丈夫來電追問離婚事宜,繼而地產經紀上門欲收購太婆故居,把Tracy拉回現實 。


一場嚴肅的喪禮錯漏百出,表哥代訂的花牌寫著外祖母, Tracy堅持要更正,因為外祖母健在人間。擾攘一番, Tracy才驚覺太婆遺體不見了!混亂中,地產經紀又到場,美其名曰來一致敬意,實則繼續游說Tracy賣樓,





Border Town .邊城

Director:  Kevin Chu

NovelistShen cong wen

Scriptwriter: Kevin Chu

Genre:  Drama



In a small border town in Southeastern China, riverboat girl Cuicui lives peacefully and happily with her grandfather, the boatman, until she meets the two sons of captain Xunxun . Cuicui’s innocence and pretty captures the hearts of both brothers. The young Cuicui vaguely feels her heart goes to the younger brother Er Lao but she’s not yet able to tell her own feelings. The elder brother Da Lao hires a matchmaker to propose for him but gets no response. The brothers decide to follow their old ethnic tradition to sing to the girl and see who could win her heart. Er Lao’s sweet and mellow voice brings Cuicui high up in the sky in her dream. Knowing himself cannot beat his little brother in singing, Dao Lao sails down the river and get drowned. Xunxun puts the blame on the grandfather’s indecisiveness. Er Lao also feels sorry for his brother’s death and sails down the river as what his brother have done. Worried about Cuicui’s marriage, grandfather died in the rainstorm of the night. Leaving behind alone, Cuicui keeps waiting for Er Lao to come back to this small border town.  He may never come back again, or maybe he’ll come back tomorrow?

《邊城》寫的是管渡船的老船夫和孫女兒翠翠相依為命的故事。爺孫二人在湘西茶峒附近的一個小渡口守著渡船,日子一直過得平靜愉快。直至翠翠遇上船總順順的兩個兒子 – 大老和二老 – 平靜的生活起了變化。翠翠一對晶瑩的眸子與天真純樸的性情,令兄弟二人都為之傾心。情竇初開的翠翠對二老有一份朦朧的愛意,卻連自已都說不分明。大老找人向老船夫提親,得不到回應。兄弟二人相約一起到高崖上為翠翠唱歌,看誰贏得她的心。二老優美的歌聲把翠翠在夢裡的靈魂浮起,飄到老遠。大老自知唱歌不如弟弟,失意地乘船下行,在險灘遇溺喪生。順順父子將大老的死歸咎於老船夫,令老船夫鬱鬱不樂。二老也因哥哥的死,心中不安,仿效哥哥乘船下行。老船夫為翠翠的婚事憂心,加上奔波勞累,在風雨之夜鬱鬱而終,剩下翠翠守著渡船,也守候著那個乘船遠去的人。



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