Filmography-Kevin Chu 


周柏豪X陳嘉桓X廖啟智 領衍主演

Director:  Kevin Chu

Scriptwriter:  Judy Chu

Genre:  Drama

Length: 104 mins



Due to financial needs, undergraduate Tiffany took up compensated dating, regarding it as a personal choice that has nothing to do with ethics. Though at first, she’s feeling a bit uneasy, but soon she became indifferent. After one unpleasant experience serving a group of Japanese clients, she wanted to quit. But her agent Hazelnut convinced her to take up a long term sponsor Cheung. In the course of serving Cheung, a subtle feeling nourished between the two. On the other hand, she came across Rex,a young guy of integrity and passion. After one incident, she decided to quit Cheung and took up a new life with Rex. But just when she thought she could start over anew, something unexpected turned up making her realized that she had to pay for what she had chosen before …


私生女Tiffany (陳嘉桓飾)一直跟母親 (龔慈恩飾) 相依為命。大學成績一向不俗,且靠Part-time自力更新的她,在好友的聳恿下,迷上「交友Apps」。最終不敵誘惑,為了解決金錢問題,她選擇了出賣色相。誰知踏出了一步,卻無法回頭。

正當她對出賣尊嚴已日漸麻木時,一位熱情、滿有理想的青年Rex (周柏豪)誤闖進她生命中,令她生活重新洗牌 。可惜那邊箱的她已有市有價,更從零售轉為批發,專屬「長期飯票」(廖啟智) 一人, 二人亦不自覺地滋長出一份微妙的感情 。

一場意外,令Tiffany 決意與過去畫上句號。正當她與Rex重新開始時,沒想到亦是她要付上代價之時……

Director:  Kevin Chu 

Scriptwriter:  Kevin Chu, Yao Jian Guo

Genre:  Drama

Lenght: 108mins



In the early hours of July 28th 1976, the industrial city of Tangshan, China was rocked by an earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale causing the deaths of over 240,000 and seriously injuring 160,000.


Coalminer Ding Yi took the night shift for co-worker Liu Zi-gang on that day so that Liu could take care of his beloved pregnant wife Han Wei. That reshuffling of their duty shift also reshuffled their fate - Liu died and Ding remained alive under coalmine.


Surviving the quake and rescued from the rubble, Han Wei (Ma Su) gives birth to a baby girl, Xiao Yu, in the refugee camp. Coping with the loss of her husband Liu Zi Gang, she begins to salvage a life amongst the rubble taking in two orphaned boys.

Guilt-ridden by the death of his best friend, Ding Yi (Hou Xiang Ling) feels obligated to support Han and the family.



RIFF Award 2007


Official Selection

 Best Film

  Byron Bay 

Film Festival 









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International Film Festival

          Official selection 

太太的情人 My Wife's Lover

Director:  Kevin chu

Scriptwriter:  Kevin Chu

Genre:  Drama

Length: 83mins




Art director Alan and account manager Joanne had been married for years.  Working in the same office brought a lot of conflict between them which undermined their relationship.

Joanne came across a lesbian Terry in a French class and the two soon became food friends. Joanne introduced Terry to Alan for a photographic assignment. Alan was charmed by Terry’s character while Terry had a crush on Joanne. The three soon found themselves trapped in a tragic love triangle…





夏日情末了 Love is Fairy Tale

Director:  Kevin Chu

Scriptwriter:  Kevin Chu, Law Kam Fai

Genre:  Drama

Lenght: 87mins



Aaron works as boat-boy in his summer holiday and met up with Michelle – a hot model in town. Michelle has a rich boyfriend already so hasn’t have any special feeling towards Aaron. Later, Michelle breaks up with her boyfriend cause he wants to force her for sex. Aaron gradually gets closer to Michelle. When summer holiday is going to end, Aaron decides to invite Michelle for dinner. After dinner, Michelle takes the initiative to offer herself to Aaron…

在遊艇會做暑期工的郭富城,偶然認識了城中當紅模特兒Michelle(關之琳飾) ,城深被吸引,視為夢中情人 。

Michelle早已有富豪男友,故對城並無特別感覺.其後,Michelle的男友因欲強行交歡而與Michelle鬧翻,讓城有機會接近 Michelle,二人成為好友。暑期快要結束,城鼓起勇氣邀Michelle共進晚餐,怎料晚餐後Michelle竟主動獻身…


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